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Tiny Dreamers Studio is the leading local photography studio for Maternity, Newborn & Family Photography. We serve Cameron Park and surrounding areas across El Dorado County and CA as a whole. At Tiny Dreamers Studio, the photoshoot experience is designed to be stress-free. The team handles everything from styling to photography, allowing parents to simply show up. Lead photographer, Bree, creates a calm environment for the perfect shoot. Afterwards, parents can receive beautiful heirloom art and matching digital files to cherish these precious moments.

Newborn Photographer Cameron Park

Choosing a newborn photographer is a significant decision when you’re a new parent. One excellent option for families located in Cameron Park, El Dorado County is Tiny Dreamers Studios, based in Sacramento. With their professional staff specializing in newborn photography, the Studio promises a relaxed and nurturing environment where precious, early-life moments can be flawlessly captured. The images produced by Tiny Dreamers Studios aren’t just photographs; they’re breathtaking heirlooms that will be cherished by families for generations. The team is highly skilled and patient, ensuring babies are comfortable and safe throughout the session. Moreover, they have a keen eye for detail, capturing babies’ tiny expressions and delicate features with exquisite clarity. Whether you prefer classic, artistic, or lifestyle newborn photography, Tiny Dreamer Studios can turn your vision into a reality. Considering their stellar reputation and impressive portfolio, Tiny Dreamers Studios should be on the top of your list as you seek to capture the heart-melting magic of your little one’s first days of life.

Award Winning Cameron Park Photographer

Tiny Dreamers Studio is a top-tier photography studio based in the Sacramento area, specializing in maternity, newborn, baby, and cake smash photography. The studio is known for its premium services, providing a stress-free experience for busy Cameron Park parents. Bree and her team handle everything from the the photo shoot to seeing the photos and delivering beautiful art for your home. They also offer a variety of sessions, including maternity, newborn, baby, and cake smash. Captivating wall art, frames, canvases, albums, and prints are available. The studio has gotten high praise from its clients for its organizing skills, eye for detail, and quality of the photos. Bree’s work is appreciated in Cameron Park and attracts clients from the Bay Area.

How To Get To Tiny Dreamers Studio from Cameron Park

The Tiny Dreamers studio is conveniently located to the North East of Sacramento at 11944 Masters Ct, Auburn, CA 95603, making it easy to get from Cameron Park.

About Cameron Park, El Dorado County

Cameron Park is centrally located in the beautiful El Dorado County, California, making it a favorable destination for both locals and tourists. Rich with local history, it was once known as the home of the Miwok Tribe and later became a ranch of the renowned pioneer, Rodman P. Swayer. Cameron Park’s irresistible charm is deeply enhanced by its picturesque views and famous landmarks. The illustrious Cameron Park Lake, encircled by a delightful walking trail, offers an array of recreational activities such as swimming and fishing. For aviation enthusiasts, the community-owned Cameron Airpark is a must-visit site where houses with airplane hangers for personal aircraft set a unique sub-urban landscape. Among popular places, the Cameron Park Community Center organizes various events engaging the local community, while the monthly summer concert series at Christa McAuliffe Park is a local favorite. The area’s lively spirit is also depicted by its numerous shopping centers, excellent restaurants, and professional golf course, making it a prominent hub for entertainment. Exploring the foothills of Sierra Nevada, one can’t miss the allure of the historic Gold Rush towns nearby for a riveting journey into the past. Incorporating both leisure and adventure, Cameron Park generously presents various facets to its visitors.

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Clients visit the Tiny Dreamers Studio from all over the Sacramento Metropolitan Area & beyond.

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