A newborn baby sleeping on a brown blanket.

Capturing Memories: What Age Should You Do a Baby Photoshoot?

When should you do a baby photoshoot to capture your child’s early magic best? Avoid the fluff and dive straight into the heart of baby photography: their first sleepy days, the bright smiles around 3-4 months, sitting triumphs at six months, and the grandeur of turning one. Each phase offers unique, not-to-be-missed opportunities to freeze time with an image. We’ll explore the prime times for your baby’s photo keepsakes without spoiling the surprises our complete guide has in store.

What You Should Know

  • Schedule newborn photo shoots between 6-14 days after birth when babies are most sleepy for those curled-up, peaceful shots.

  • Capture your baby’s growing personality and developmental milestones at 3-4 months for smiles, six months for sitting poses, and at their first birthday for a grand celebration of their achievements.

  • Consider a professional photographer to create high-quality keepsakes, capturing a baby’s growth stages and the family’s journey from pregnancy through the first year.

Deciding the Perfect Moment for Your Baby’s Photoshoot

A newborn baby sleeping in a knitted basket.

There’s no strict rule for when to start the memory-making process with professional photography. However, certain stages in your little one’s first year lend themselves perfectly to this art form. From the initial days of newborn bliss to the big first birthday celebration, each stage offers a unique opportunity to capture your baby’s growth and development.

We might wonder how to navigate these stages. Let’s discuss them in detail.

The First Days: Newborn Bliss

Those first few days after your baby’s birth are filled with wonder and awe. During this time, typically between the sixth and fourteenth day after birth, newborns tend to be super sleepy and often retain that adorable curled-up look they had in the womb. Many photographers recommend scheduling the newborn photo session during this period. It’s the perfect opportunity to capture the serene, peaceful beauty of your little one, asleep and seemingly oblivious to the world around them.

Why is this timeframe considered ideal? During these early days, newborns spend most of their time sleeping, which makes it easier for photographers to arrange them into those adorable sleepy poses we all love. Their frequent snoozing periods also allow plenty of time to capture various angles and poses, ultimately providing you with a diverse collection of beautiful photos to cherish forever.

The First Smiles: 3-4 Months Milestones

A baby boy and a baby girl laying on a fluffy blanket.

A few months later, you’ll find your baby is now more interactive, able to hold up their head, and even flash you that heart-melting first smile. Babies start to express their budding personalities at this age, making it an ideal time to schedule a milestone photo session.

To capture these delightful smiles, you can use simple, playful tactics like blowing light around their face, tickling their cheeks, or making funny sounds. Consider incorporating props like a basket, wooden box, or an old suitcase to make the photoshoot more fascinating for your little one. These elements not only add an element of fun to the shoot but also provide support for your baby as they explore their newfound abilities.

Sitting Pretty: The Half-Year Mark

A baby girl sitting on the floor in a pink outfit.

When your baby reaches the half-year mark, an exciting developmental milestone emerges: they can sit up independently! This new ability opens up opportunities for adorable and dynamic poses.

Comfort is a priority during the photoshoot. Wrap them snugly to help your baby feel more at ease, especially if they start to feel agitated. Not only will this keep them calm, but it will also help achieve those adorable poses we all love to see. To add a touch of creativity, consider using unique props like a six-month wooden sign or soft flokati furs. These props can help to reflect your baby’s growth and development at this stage.

The Big One: Celebrating the First Birthday

A baby girl sitting in front of a cake with the number one in front of it.

And just like that, a whole year has flown by! Your baby has grown and developed in so many ways, and there’s no better way to celebrate this milestone than with a first birthday photoshoot. This session is about capturing how far your little one has come, from sitting up easily to taking their first steps.

To make this photoshoot extra special, consider incorporating fun themes that reflect your baby’s personality and achievements over the year. Some popular ideas include a cake smash, nature, or character-based themes like Winnie the Pooh. To ensure your baby enjoys their big day, try letting them play with cake and icing before the session. This will keep them entertained and result in some incredibly adorable, candid shots.

Preparing for Your Baby’s Newborn Session

Having discussed the stages of your baby’s first year, it’s time to delve into preparations for a newborn photo session. As this is a time of great excitement and, let’s face it, a bit of chaos, it’s essential to plan ahead.

From booking your session during pregnancy to setting the scene for a successful shoot, getting organized can make the whole experience enjoyable and stress-free for you and your baby.

Timing Is Everything: Booking During Pregnancy

Booking the session is the first step in planning your baby’s newborn photoshoot, and timing is everything. It’s recommended to book your newborn photography session during the third trimester of pregnancy. This way, you can secure a spot with your favorite photographer and perfectly time the session to capture your baby when they are brand new.

But what happens if your baby doesn’t arrive on the expected date? Don’t worry; your photographer will understand and work with you to reschedule the session within the first two weeks after birth. After all, babies rarely follow our plans, and that’s all part of the beautiful unpredictability of parenthood!

Creating Comfort: Setting the Scene for Sleepy Success

A newborn girl wearing a flower headband laying on a white background.

After booking your baby’s newborn photo session, creating the perfect environment to take newborn photos is the next step for your newborn photoshoot. Your main goal is to keep your baby comfortable and content, which will lead to those adorable, sleepy poses we all love.

One key factor in achieving this is maintaining a warm temperature in the studio, ideally around 80 degrees. This will keep your baby warm, secure, and more likely to drift off into a peaceful slumber. In addition to warmth, consider using soft background sounds to create a calming vibe. Some examples of soft background sounds you can use are:

  • Gentle lullabies

  • White noise

  • Nature sounds like rain or waves

  • Soft instrumental music

These sounds can help create a soothing environment for your baby during the photo shoot.

Swaddling your baby can also help them feel secure and cozy, leading to longer periods of sleep and more opportunities for capturing those precious poses.

Older Babies: Beyond the Newborn Stage

Newborn photography is magical, but there’s something equally enchanting about photographing older babies. As your newborn grows, they exhibit increased alertness and a developing personality. These new traits can add a unique depth to the baby photos, making them a true reflection of your baby at that moment. Capturing these moments with a baby photographed session will create lasting memories for newborn babies and older ones, including cherished newborn pictures.

It’s time to adapt the photography approach to capture the wonder of older babies and photograph babies in their earliest stages.

Adapting Poses for Increased Alertness

Being more active and alert, older babies need a slightly different posing approach than younger babies. Older babies are more aware of their surroundings and less likely to doze off during the photoshoot, making certain poses more challenging.

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t achieve beautiful, adorable poses! With some adjustments, older babies can still pull off many poses that younger ones can. The key is to ensure their comfort and not to force them into any position. For instance, try wrapping your baby snugly to keep them calm and limit their movement. This not only helps them feel secure but also aids in achieving those precious poses.

Embracing Personality: The Beauty of Awake Shots

Photographing a wide-awake and curious baby has a certain charm. These “awake shots” allow the baby’s personality to shine through, offering a unique and captivating perspective.

To make these awake shots successful, you’ll need to create an environment that is comfortable and engaging for your little one. Props can be crucial here, capturing your baby’s attention and fascination. Some props that you can use include:

  • Soft hats

  • Headbands

  • Backdrops

  • Newborn wraps

These props can add visual interest and keep your baby engaged throughout the shoot. The result? A collection of captivating photos that truly reflect your baby’s unique personality and charm.

Family Inclusion: Adding Depth to Your Baby’s Portraits

The arrival of a baby is a momentous occasion that brings the entire family together to celebrate the baby’s birth. Capturing these moments of togetherness adds depth and emotional connection to your newborn portraits, especially when many babies are in the family.

Including family members can enhance your baby’s photoshoot and create beautiful keepsakes.

Tiny Dreamers Studio: Your Partner in Preserving Precious Moments

Selecting the ideal photographer for your baby’s photoshoot is essential. At Tiny Dreamers Studio, we are committed to capturing your baby’s first year as beautifully and memorably as possible. As a professional photographer, I offer a non-rushed, fantastic experience, providing everything needed for a successful photoshoot.

Trust Tiny Dreamers Studio to be your partner in preserving precious moments, from maternity to newborn and baby photography.

Maternity and Baby Photography: A Combined Journey

Parenthood begins even before your baby is born. Combining maternity and baby photography sessions helps capture the complete journey of your expanding family. From the beautiful glow of pregnancy to the first steps of your little one, professional photography allows you to cherish these moments for years to come.

The Value of Professional Photography Sessions

With the prevalence of smartphones and digital cameras, the need for a professional photography session might be in question. However, professional photographers bring a level of expertise and creativity that cannot be replicated by amateur photography. From expertly framing a scene to capturing genuine expressions, professional photography ensures that your precious memories are preserved in high-quality keepsakes that you will treasure for years.


In conclusion, each stage of your baby’s first year is a momentous milestone, deserving of being captured in beautiful photographs. From the sleepy tranquillity of the newborn stage to the active curiosity of older babies, professional photography allows you to preserve these precious moments in time. By including family members in the photoshoot and opting for a professional session, you create lasting keepsakes that your family will cherish for years. Remember, the memories may fade, but photographs last a lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I take my baby for a photoshoot?

It’s best to schedule a newborn photoshoot within the first two weeks of life, ideally around days 8-10, to capture those adorable sleepy poses. Aim for this timeframe for the best results.

Is three months too old for newborn photos?

No, three months is not too old for newborn photos! Whether your baby is a newborn or three months old, you can capture precious moments in photographs. Embrace the opportunity to capture your baby’s unique stages.

When should I take my 1-year-old pictures?

You can schedule milestone sessions for your 1-year-old anytime between 3 and 13 months, ideally close to their first birthday or a few weeks before or after. This allows for capturing precious moments around this particular age.

How can I make my baby comfortable during a photoshoot?

To make your baby comfortable during a photoshoot, keep the environment warm and calm, use soft background sounds, and swaddle them to help them feel secure and comfortable. Good luck with the photoshoot!

What are some tips for posing older, more alert babies?

When posing older, more alert babies, wrap them snugly and prioritize their comfort. Avoid forcing them into any position, as it may make them uncomfortable.

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